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Hydraulic Punching Machine

  Hydraulic Punching Machine

iPan Brand IP CP Series Hydraulic Punching Machine is used to cut the holes of any shapes in material. There are multiple types of punching machines used to cut the holes on Metal sheets such as SS/MS/Aluminum/Copper/Brass etc. Hydraulic Punching machines can also punch Angle, I-beam, C Channel and Plates. Punching Shape can include slot hole punching, oblong hole punching, square hole punching and round hole punching and many other as per requirements.

  Available Models:

  • Machine Capacity: 50MT/75MT/100MT/150MT
  • Standard Table Size: As per requirement

   Design Features:

  • T-Slot on table for fix clamping of Die and Punch
  • Single cylinder
  • Accurate clearance between RAM and TABLE plate
  • Adjustable strokes to reduce travelling time & for more production
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief / Controlling Valve for HT material
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief valve and pressure switchs
  • Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Compact size machine Standard Accessories Including Machine
  • 2 pair of Foot switches for easier operation with movable vertical operating console with nos. of switches
  • Available from standard to special purpose sizes
  • Limit Switch and Pressure Switch assembly for short and heavy job
  • Front operating console for easy and fast operation having ON-OFF / UP-DOWN / EMERGENCY STOP and Overload switches

   Used For:

  • Stamping
  • Punching
  • Deep drawing
  • Numbering
  • Broaching
  • Embossing